Lord, I am wondering why now that I am closer to leaving this temporary home; I need assistance or medical help. I am told “we want the best for you, we want you to remain as independent as possible”. Lord what does that mean in their eyes? At this stage in my life if independence means using every ounce of strength I have doing their will, witch is maintaining my body and my living space; leaving none for You or myself to just live and serve You the best I can under these circumstances.

Lord, why do you leave me here? My understanding can not figure out what You want me to do? Lord, I do not even have the strength to dress in a manner that reflects Your Majesty or speak of You and all You do for me and will do for others if they ask. Lord, my continence has become muted, less bright and cheerful. Lord, have I been trying to do these things in my own strength, or in my timing not Yours?

Lord, I have pushed so hard that I must not even appear to be one of Your Children anymore. Lord I beg of You, help me to correct these imperfections in my daily life. I want to be a good and godly reflection of the difference You make in my life, even now when things look and feel very bleak. Lord, Help me be a better servant and less involved with what is going on as I decline and prepare to come to You.

Lord, do not let me fail now, out of human weakness. Help me Lord, to feel You at my side holding me up. Keeping me on the path You have laid before me. Lord, help me to accomplish all You have intended for me to do till the day I leave this place. Help me Lord, to be all You intended me to be. Help me Lord, not to falter now, I love You. And I do not want to be less then You intended for me to be. Do not let my strength ebb away until it is time to leave.

I love You Lord



My dear God, You are the designer of all. You saved me, You called me to Your side, You give my life purpose using me in Your Plan in the place You have gifted me for.

Lord I was asked what I thought about suffering. I was stunned by the question; I said in what respect. Lord I am so glad You had told me the answer; IT HAS BEEN ORDAINED BY YOU. I said You accept it – period; I said there are many reasons for suffering, it could be to teach me something, it could be so I am equipped to help someone else in the same thing, it could be to show how You give me the ability and the strength to go through it, no matter how long it lasts. It could be anything, things our minds can not comprehend.

Lord I am contented at the center of my being for the life You have set before me on this earth. Lord, being with You here on earth and later after You take me to my everlasting home keeps my spirit alive and well. You Lord, made a way for my salvation; how could I not do any less then what Your Son Jesus Christ did for me.

Lord, suffering is not what I would have chose, but I would rather suffer if it is what is needed, then loose the many blessings & miracles I have been given by You, the least of witch is not remaining one of the lost. I would not change one minute of my life if it meant that it would change the relationship I now have with You My Lord.

Lord You are always with me in the suffering. I can suffer because my faith is in You and I trust You as my redeemer in all things; even if some times I get caught up in situations and momentarily forget. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Thank You Lord for equipping me for the tasks You have laid out for me to accomplish on this earth. All Praise and Glory to Your Name.



Lord; sometimes I think I can’t go on, but then I feel Your Presence at my side. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in problems and challenges, then I feel You holding tightly onto my hand. Lord God thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I have no family or friends, but You are all I need. YOU ARE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Who else could I want for my family besides My Holy Father in Heaven. Who else could I want for a friend but You; A Friend Who Is Closer Then A Brother.

Lord, I am but a weak and frail human, my body is crumbling as human bodies do. I feel my strength ebbing away, it frightens me. My mind is unable to remember or plan my work for the day. As I try to converse my thoughts flout in and out of my brain  and make it hard to hold a flowing connected conversation. I am no longer able to take care of ordinary every day business. Lord God it is so comforting to know that one day this will all pass away and be remembered no more.

I look forward to the day I will leave this place to be with You in heavenly bliss for ever and ever without end. Lord You are so merciful; You care for me, You give my life purpose and stay by my side to keep me strong. I am filled with awe of who You are and what You have done for me at the cross, so I could become part of Your family.  I praise Your name for You are worthy to be praised. I gave my life to You in thanks, and I have never regretted it. Being with You is an honor and a blessing.



Lord, Lord, how amazing You are. When I was but a young child, I accepted the life You gave me through the selfless act of Jesus Christ on the cross. But as it all too often happens; I was removed from Your teaching through no fault of my own. But You never left me nor forsook me when I gave my life to You. I am Yours to use and to love.

Your Love is never ending no matter what I went through between giving my life to You, becoming one of Your Children. And opened my eyes to Your presence ounce again.

I am so grateful that You took care of me and protected me and taught me the ways of life during those tremulous years. I had no knowledge of Your nearness then. Once I was back with You as my Lord and Savior I was able to look back on that part of my life. I could see all the times You intervened to keep me safe.

How benevolent, loving and nurturing You are to me. I can not completely convey my gratitude. I love You and always will I gratefully give back to You anything You have given me, for without You I am nothing.



Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for the life You have given me. The strength to carry on and the wisdom to move in the direction You desired of me. No matter what assailed me, You enabled me to come out victoriously.

Lord Your Ways are not our ways and sometimes I foolishly think this can’t be what God intends for me. But I must yield completely to how You work in my life. My faith in You has never wavered. You placed Yourself so deep in me that I could stand up to anything this world could assail me with.

Sometimes Lord I would contemplate what might be on the road ahead, but I never lost sight of “You are in control, You have a plan, I do not need to know what it is, except step by step as You reveal it to me.

Lord I won’t say it’s been easy, but with You all things and all assaults are possible to overcome as long as I remember You are by my side to strengthen me. Sometimes Lord I would wonder why the good things from You were being removed from my life. Like singing in the choir, hosting bible study, losing my health and nearly my sanity, fellowship with other believers, and my children. I sometimes felt confused, but You always gave me what I needed when I needed it. Your timing is always perfect whether I agree with it or not. Forgive me Lord.

One of my biggest challenges was my losing complete peace. Yet again You came to my aid by giving me a wise strong faith-ed friend who told me complete peace is not possible in your circumstances. That helped me a lot because I feared I  was to blame.

Lord, many things have taken place in my life the last two years. But You never left my side and I never left Yours, even if I was limping a little.

Then! Glory Be To You. Victory arrived and my complete peace was restored. I am so thankful and excited to see how the rest of my life unfolds. I pray Lord that I never lose complete peace again.

For ever Your loving child.




Dear Lord I was sure you had told me to go back to blogging the Holy Spirit’s prayers when I started writing prayers again. But Lord, I have been trying for two days, I am so confused. I had a little help understanding the new format, but it was not enough. Lord I know it must be a set of simple steps, but they are not simple to me. Lord please bring someone to write these steps down for me; or give me a miracle and I thank You and Praise You for the ones You have already bestowed on me. Maybe we are missing an important part someone else is to contribute to this project. I want to be an obedient servant and to do Your Will for Your Will is the only one to concern ourselves with.

Lord, I hunger for the closeness I know I can have with the Triune God. I have been going through some hard times with little support except You My Lord, My God, And Savior. I know I have not strayed, the Holy Spirit has led me with each step that I took. You in Your Mercy have shown me the results of following You. How glorious it is to be Your obedient child. I am sure I have fallen down sometimes, but You always pick me up, brush me off, and send me on my way to continue doing Your Will to the best that my human frailty’s is able.

Lord I am so indebted to You for my having a place in Your family and the support of a loving Father that can not be challenged. This world is in a terrible state Lord, I want to do what is laid out for me to do to help the lost.

Lord, maybe I was mistaken; a challenge has been laid before me regarding prayer and reaching the lost. Lord this is the scariest thing that You have ever asked me to do. We are praying about it and waiting for Your instructions.

Lord I pray for Your Will to be done – if this thing is Your Will I pray for guidance for both of us and that the Holy Spirit would find us completely willing and adherent to His leading and Your Will.

Lovingly and prayerfully to You be the Glory.

Amen and Amen


Lord, I am confused. I need Your Wisdom. I have come to the end of what I humanly feel is the “End – Of – Life – Living”.

Lord, I do not understand. I know I cannot do the things I used to do. I know I can no longer take care of myself. But Lord those are the broad strokes. I have been lost in all the transitions and I do not know what things I should strive to do and what things I should let go of.

Lord, to me it seems that I should not let go of any of them…. but I am afraid that may be unrealistic. I do not want to give up or be a quitter!

Lord, I have been praying for You to point me in the right direction. Lord help me to  recall the things in Your Word that will help me to know what is right.

Lord, there are so many things to consider, my failing health at a younger than normal age. The fact that because of the blessings You give me, no one thinks I am ill at all, which puts extra demands on me. This does not seem fair and I must confess it makes me feel bad. It makes me want to rebel.

Lord, when I say the word rebel. I know that is not a spiritual state of mind. My humanity is getting in the way of seeing my path clearly.

Lord I remember the mistreatment of Paul when I think of rebelling…. HE DID NOT. Lord is that what I am to do even though it may lead to more mistreatment and death? That seems a little melodramatic. Lord am I really afraid of what others may think? Am I concerned that I cannot do all that I think I should be doing ? ……. There is sure a lot of “I’s”, maybe my “I’s” are getting in my way.

Lord, I surely need Your Guidance in this murky time. Help me Lord, bring someone older and wiser than I to help me know Your will.

Today Lord I got to studying Your Word, though unrelated to my present state. But I did not want to quite even though there were other demands on my time.

Lord as these things came to my mind, I couldn’t help but feel that You were telling me, put me first not my work nor your health.

Lord it feels like a stronghold. Help me Lord God to break it. I am thinking I may have my priorities messed up.

Lord I pray for clarity of thought.

Your loving child






Lord my God How Mighty You Are. You are the maker of all things, the stars in the sky, the fish in the sea. And Creator of Man.

How awesome, how energizing, how comforting to know You and only You created it all. And much more You have a plan for it all.

Some say it is all so confusing, but that is only because they have not come to know You yet. I too fall into confusion some times when the evil one sneaks through a crack in the armor You told me to wear to protect myself from him.

I know I must be highly diligent about the things You have taught me. Things about everyday life, things about relationships and marriage, things about raising my children, things about how to save the lost, things about how to keep You my top priority in everything I do, how to have the best relationship in the world….. the one I have with You. And most of all You have taught me how to defend myself from Satan and how to fight in the spiritual realm.

You Are A Mighty God, THEEE GOD, the Triune God, the God of love, and the God of all things good. You Are the God I worship and adore.

I pray that I will never fail to serve You with my whole heart, my whole being, everything that I am.

You have made me for a purpose, given me the tools and gifts I need for the work You have set out for me to do. Being a part of the body that You brought together to bring to fullness the fruitation and the end of Your Plan.

I love being a part of Your plan, serving You, being with You. I love helping people to know You better. I love the life You have given me, even through it may be full of the challenges of living in this world filled with humanity struggling to do Your Will. And I praise You for the blessings You have bestowed on me to encourage me and make my life a little easier. The Blessings that remind me of what You are preparing for me when I leave this life and come to be with You in the Heavenly Places.

Praise God the Father, God the son (Jesus Christ who died for me and made my salvation possible) and Praise God The Holy Ghost (my guild and my comforter).

Devotedly Your Everlasting Child









Lord, forgive me; I have been away from my blog a long time. I am sorry for letting lifes trials and tribulations remove You from the forefront of my thinking. I Praise You for the mercy You show us when in our human frailty we fail so miserably in spending quality time with You. I know I can do nothing for You or for myself without You; and yet I did not put those things aside to speak to the only one who had the answers. I am sorry Lord for taking you for granted. I pray for Your strength to help me correct my priorities.

Lord thank You for being always by my side for these long months while I struggled with so many changes and challenges in my life. Lord I know that You are the one that gets me through everything life throws at me. And I knew that always and gave You thanks. But Lord; I know that what You want most is our love and devotion. And I have suffered for the lack of it.

Lord; Thank You for bringing me to my senses so that I may again have the peace which is beyond understanding and the wonders of being in Your Presence. How could I have let anything get between myself and You. I did not think that would ever happen, and yet it did.

My Lord, My Lord, how I have missed being with You. I am so thankful that all that said You never abandoned me nor stopped solving my woes. And continually blessing me and comforting me. There is no way I can tell you how much I feel like a failure for allowing my humanity robe me from everything You mean to me and how ungrateful I feel.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I pray I never leave Your side again; it is a dangerous thing to do. I await our time together tomorrow.

All of my love and devotion I give to You.